Holiday Brunch Bunch

The whole gang made our way to Kabby’s on Sunday for the second sorta-annual Holiday Brunch. I paced myself far better than thanksgiving so I wasn’t ill by the time is was over. I’m not sure which spread I liked better, as they both had pretty good grub. My only regret this time was that I didn’t see the prime rib station at Kabby’s until we were walking out the door – damnit!

It was a fantastic time if for no other reason than the following picture of Carlos doing the cabbage patch, which will forever be burned into my psyche:

Go Carlos! Go Carlos! Go Carlos!

Of course, I kid. He is actually “stretching his stomach” as per Debbie’s strategy for getting the most for our buffet dollar.

Also, it may look like Marshall is checking out Carlos’ ass, when in fact… oh who am I kidding, he’s checking out Carlos’ ass.