I am not really a stalker. Really.

Every once in a while I’ll do something that seems a lot more creepy than I mean it to be, like taking a picture of some guy sitting next to me talking to his girlfriend(?) at Clover Grill.
Cutest. Man. EVAR.
I worked a shift at Lafitte’s tonight and he came in around 3 am with his lady friend. I remarked to the bartenders that he was the cutest. man. ever. and of course, me being the mutant that I am, they totally didn’t see it. Anyway, he kept walking in and out of the bar for some reason, I think they were getting beer to drink with their Clover Grill burgers – cause I saw them walking in there as well.

So anyway, I got off of work around 6am and went to Clover for some dinner and what do you know… they were still there. Waiting for me, obviously. So anyway, I pretended like I was checking my voice mail and took this picture of him. Creepy, I know.

Hopefully, if you see this and are totally creeped out, you won’t like gay e-bash me or something. Or… if my dreams come true and you’re a homo too – e-mail me! :)