Today in pictures.

Haircut!Got off of work around 9 and went and got a haircut.. All in all I’m pretty happy with it. I’ve been going shorter and shorter with every cut, hoping to get to the point where I can just buzz it. I had it done once, last year and it looked a little silly. Dare I say it, I’m not quite thin enough on top to go that route yet… The sides look good, but the top just looks stupid if it’s cut too short.

JustinAnyway, then I went and got lunch with Justin, whom I met last night at the Pub before I headed to work. Really sweet guy… who of course flew back home to DC shortly after our meal. *sigh*

I gotta get outta here.

desk.jpgAnyway, my day ended at like, 2pm so that’s all I took. Here’s a picture of my desk at work though. Notice the insane amount of carbonated diet beverage.

Kidney stone #3, here I come!