to return if interest exists

Since my old registrar ( sucks ass and swiped my domain after I let it expire (admittedly, all domain registrars do this – it just sucks when it happens to you) I wound up getting (one ‘t’)

So, I’m thinking about putting a new orleans community blog up. Was wondering if there was any interest out there. If you’d be interested in something like this – comment on this post or e-mail me (click on colophon on the top menu, then scroll to the bottom and send me a message.) I already have web space and a few domain names to choose from.

Anyone interested?

Which name would you prefer?

** edit 3/27: I’ve decided on I still have to work out some kinks before it’s open to the public though.

Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

THis is really good, except I don’t like his notion that “digital text” is somehow something on it’s own. I mean, HTML is.. digital. It’s certainly not analog. HTML is a language, as is XML. They’re both “digital text” That’s just kinda silly. Other than that, he makes a good video explaining the way the ‘new web’ is empowering people… but empowering them to do what I wonder? Just because you CAN post a bazillion pictures to flickr, doesn’t mean you should. In fact, web 2.0 is probably going to destroy the internet 1.0. The signal to noise ratio is getting way out of hand, ya know?

BikeTorrents is down

My apologies to anyone that has been recently banned, but I was getting like 7000+ hits a day to my biketorrent directory (which hasn’t even been UP in months) and it was causing my server to crash every morning. The only way i could stop it was to block about 20 IP addresses… all from China it seems. I have NO idea why all of a sudden I’d start getting pounded by Chinese bike film enthusiasts, but it had to stop.