Royal St. Grocey Closed. Mix CD revisited.

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Royal St. Grocery closed last week. They were kind of an institution around the quarter, with their crawfish, good food and sno-balls. It’s a little disturbing to see them gone. Doors locked. Building empty.

As businesses’ debts get higher and higher, more and more of the quarter’s long time mom and pops are closing; it’s not a good sign.

I sent the CD to Justin in DC and of course, 3 days later and I’m like “OMG, why did I put that on there?!” It totally makes be sound like an obsessive, sappy, granola, emo kid. Ah well. Second guessing is just in my nature. Meh. It’s not bad mix, but I went a little heavy on the heavy stuff. I like heavy stuff though, damnit. lol

I totally should have put some Chuck D on there.