Come on down!

Lately I’ve re-started leaving the TV on for the cats when I go to work. It definitely makes them less freaky and skittish when I get home in the morning and there’s less general destruction around the apartment. So anyway I got home around 9:30am or so one particular morning and start surfing porn, as usual… and what comes on? ….

The Price is Right!

Jesus, I haven’t seen TPIR (as the cool cats like to refer to it now) in like, 10 years and it’s even more nutty than the last time I watched. People go totally ape-shit over a package of vacuum cleaner bags. It’s amazing. I swear they pump gaseous meth into the crowd the way these people behave. It’s just not civilized. It’s like watching Oprah give away cars to her studio audience except it’s not Oprah, it’s Bob Barker; it’s not cars, it’s floor polish; and they’re not giving away anything to the audience, they’re making select members of them humiliate themselves on national TV for hot-dog buns. It’s incredible.