Reply to my Craigslist ad

Billy Gibbons: NO

“Looked at your foto’s and I think if you had a stache or go-tee it would help you, because of the loss of your hair ontop, it would help your overall looks.”

I happen to like my thinning hair, douchebag. Anyway, since I’m a glutton for punishment I posted another one.

Neither hide nor hair from what’s his name. I broke down and called him last night and left a message. I tried calling on Monday but it ‘wasn’t accepting messages’ then. We’ll see what happens. Hurt me once shame on you, hurt me twice shame on me. Ah well.

*** edit 6/2/07 ***
He called me today, everything is cool. I’m just antsy cause of what happened last time. Don’t mind me.

Red Elvises & Klezmer All-Stars

I hate when I find out about a show after it;s too late to make plans to go see them. Wednesday night at the Dragon’s Den is the Red Elvises. I’ve never heard of them until a couple of hours ago, but they sound so much fun. Their website has a ton of live MP3s and I’ve been listening to them for part of the night. Dernit.

Good news is that the Klezmer Allstars are playing Friday night! I thought they were playing last week and when I got to the Dragons Den they were closed. I figured I had the dates wrong and had missed them. I hadn’t counted on the fact that I was a week EARLY. Yay!

Yeah, but an asshole with $10

Last night as I was turning the final corner around my building, on my way to work I almost ran into these three guys walking down the street on the other side of the corner. One of them stopped me and asked if I knew of a place to get a Diet Coke around there. Since it was the middle of the CBD I couldn’t think of any place that would be open that late. After a few seconds of trying to think of something, I offer to run up to the station and get him a drink. What the hell, he was cute. I ran up to the office and grabbed two Coke Zeros and brought them down to him, where he was waiting patiently and thirsty. He says thanks and hands me some money. As I walked away I look in my hand and count two five dollar bills. I called back and asked him if he was sure about that and he said “hell yeah”.

Afterwards I kind of felt like an asshole for taking it, but as the title of this post says, I’m an asshole with $10.

Quick Update On My Previous Psst.

So, if anyone remembers my total freak-out on the guy from last November… well, I ran into him last night at the Pub and again there was crazy amounts chemistry there. We each told our side of the story and decided it was just a major misunderstanding which crescendoed with me calling him 5 bazillion times over the course of 3 days. I don’t think I’ve ever been that nutty over a guy. Long story short: we made up (and out!) and agreed to give it another shot.

It’s kinda nice to be in a good mood for a change, hopefully I won’t fuck it up again. lol

So good in fact, it’s time for gratuitous heavy metal. Crank it.