Hare Krishna Dinner

hare-krishna.jpgI finally made my way over to the Here Krishna house for Sunday dinner! Well, except it wasn’t Sunday, it was Friday (and again tonight.)

For those of you not in the know, there’s a H.K. temple like, 5 doors down from my house that serves a free vegetarian dinner every Sunday. There’s always tons of gutterpunks that go, as well as your standard fare of hippies and homeless. I always hear how good it is, but it’s a little intimidating to walk into a cult-house and be all ‘gimmie food.’

food.jpgAnyway, they’ve been serving a street-side dinner buffet every night after Jazz Fest from four until eight. It’s basically vegetarian Indian dishes, but they’re really quite tasty. Some sort of red bean dish, curried potatoes and tofu and basmati rice.

There might be something to this whole Here Krishna thing after all. How would I look with a shaved head and ponytail?