Well, I spent about 17 hours in bed today with a 101 fever. I went up to work last night, even though I felt bad, and it definitely made it worse. It took all of my strength to answer a few trouble tickets, then I’d have to lay back in my chair for a half hour to recuperate. Luckily there wasn’t that many tickets to deal with – just a steady few an hour so I was able to keep up. The trek home was a challenge as I knew I had to go to Wallgreens and get some medicine.. so I rode my bike slowly there and bought a few things, then waited in the hot sun for 10 minutes for the bus. I fell asleep on the bus during the 10 minute ride home, waking up just before my stop. Before I could take my shoes off I crashed on my bed.

I just realized I slept through Mother’s Day without calling my mom. Shit.