Mike got evicted again and is probably moving out of the state by the end of the month. He had two heart attacks last weekend and he really needs to get out of the city for financial and health reasons. That sucks, but I’m in total agreement that he needs to leave. It’s just not healthy here for him. He actually should have done it far before now.

Armstrong Park Archway Not to pull an Oprah, but lately I’ve been feeling more and more isolated from .. well, just about everything. I’m seriously considering a therapist and for more reasons that ‘everyone else it doing it’ (even though they are.) After reading this article, I feel better about feeling like shit lately. As I said in the past, I feel ok I guess. I don’t really feel depressed, when I’m awake. It’s just everything else in my day to day routine (or lack of one) points to something’s going on. I sleep from about 11am to 11pm – dragging myself out of bed only because I have to go to work.

While in New Orleans, other than seeing Randy out once or twice and running into Lloyd on the street once and Mark coming over once I don’t think I’ve any significant interaction with people in a couple of months – certainly not since I’ve been back from DC. I go to the bar once a week for a while, be miserable for a few hours and leave. That’s pretty much the extent of my socializing. I feel withdrawn and bored and well… that doesn’t feel like me.