Craigslist M4M Personal Ads


There’s a certain offensive naive charm to the ads posted on Craigslist. Most are so over the top, sexually, that one wonders how serious the person who posted the ad could possibly be. Current titles include such enticing phrases as ‘PUMP & DUMP’, ‘PHONE or CABLE guys…need relief ?’ and ‘MADE TO BE POUNDED’. Then there’s ones like this, entitled ‘looking service the less fortunate‘ which makes me believe that the person had to have set it up using his ex’s e-mail account:

My favorite line is ‘could be the ugliest mother fucker alive on earth’.

How romantic.

My friend Brian put it best. “Who would reply to that? It’d be like turning when someone said ‘retard’ in grade school.”

In case you’re wondering, Of course I posted an ad*.

* Caution: If seeing the words ‘spread anus’ and ‘fist pig’ (used non-sexually of course) in a post knowingly created by me offends you, you may want avoid that link.