Drunken thoughts at 5:14am Saturday morning

MENTAL NOTES:Craig, Joe and Craig's Husband, Tom
I might like you better if we slept together.
Joe and Craig's crotch
Was I really lusting after Dick Van Dyke at the Clover Grill?When a cute boy in a tie walks by within earshot of David, do NOT say “hey, he’s cute”. David will summon a go-go boy, like Aquaman, whom he will send to fetch cute boy in the tie.

“Go tell the guy in the tie that the guy in the jacket wants to talk to him.”

If you stand there long enough, drunken bodybuilders with bad highlights will finger your asshole through your pants without warning.

Craig, Tom and Joe are really fun.

If tourists ask you what it’s like to live in New Orleans after the storm, they just want you to tell them how much you love it and how we all crap rainbows and ride unicorns to work. Telling them about you friends who have committed suicide, your low-grade depression and other realities will end in an endless debate about how angry you am and how you need to find a unicorn.

Vodka is good. Free vodka is even better.

Romeo Void kicks ass

Dick Van Dyke was REALLY hot in the 50s. (see photo of him on Andy Griffith Show to the right, taken at Clover Grill. Hey now.)
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