Another reply to my craigslist.

no pics. i am 6′, 215lbs, blnd, blu, not in shape. my looks are average.

Wow. ..and I thought I had issues.

I’ve gotten a few other replies. Mostly guys that are 55+ and aren’t really my type. I’ve had a few guys write to say how funny I am but then don’t include any information about themselves. When I reply and ask for more about them, they don’t write back.

Finally framed my photos (alliteration is fun!)Did I mention he called? Woo! Not making anything more out of it than that though.

Holy shit, this is turning into a tacky LiveJournal blog, I’m such a dork.

Regarding news that doesn’t involve my non-existent romantic life… I finally finished framing my photos – and it only took a year and a half to get mattes for them!