Andrew Bird

Jesus Christ.

Andrew Bird (may have heard of him through his work with the Squirrel Nut Zippers)

Is freaking amazing.

Yes, he’s recording loops of himself on violin, mid-performance, and playing them back with his feet.

“The artist’s live solo shows have been notable in that he uses a multi-track system to sample and loop his own performance. For example, he may record a snippet of his performance on violin, then play a “loop” of that sound. This provides a more full-bodied sound and aurally suggests a band performance, rather than the sound of a solo artist. Once, at a gig in Amsterdam, at the Paridiso, he needed more movement on his feet in order to work the loop pedals, so he kicked off his shoe and hit a person in the audience. He later said “I should have simply twiddled my toes at her”.”