Damnit. Again.

So I spent about two hours talking with this cute guy at the pub tonight before work. We chatted and we kissed a little; there was even a restroom involved for about a minute. Since it was going so well I asked him for his phone number or e-mail address before I had to leave.

He said no.

Now, I realize he probably had a boyfriend or a wife or whatever and that doesn’t bother me, really. Whatever. It’s just that I really hate it when I misread someone by such a wide margin. I’m usually pretty good at picking up on whether or not someone is into me or just interested in being in me, so to speak. This does seem to be getting more common though. Again, not looking to pick out china, but there’s that spark where I think to myself ‘wow, he’s cute. he seems to like me. he lives int he city. what the hey, I’ll ask him out.’ When they flat out say ‘no’ it’s a little disconcerting.

He did tell me where he works though… said I should call Saks and ask for “©#@&!%$”*.

Yeah, I’ll be doing that. </sarcasm>

* Edited to protect the guilty.