u luv golden?

You know you’re having an interesting chat night when you say the following in a PM: “I’ll be at The Pub tomorrow night. You seem like a nice guy, would like to at least say hello – even if it doesn’t lead to me peeing on you or anything.” He was cute though.

Dog Breeders Issue Massive Recall Of ‘07 Pugs

The onion has just released an article regarding the massive recall of 07′ pugs. Quite alarming stuff.

“While pug owners are accustomed to dog malfunction, the latest animals are prone to more problems than just the usual joint failures, overheating, seizures, chronic respiratory defects, and inability to breed without assistance. The latest model pug is simply not in any way a viable dog.”

Paris is a moron

EXCLUSIVE: (Paris) Hilton Calls Barbara Walters From Jail — ‘God Has Released Me’

Great, she found God but she can’t find her panties.

She ‘Was Severely Depressed and Felt as If I Was in a Cage,’

Guess what dipshit. It’s jail. IT IS A CAGE!

She thought she might get toy companies to build a kind of Paris Hilton playhouse, where sick children might come, and the toy companies could donate toys.

OMG. I can’t think of anything to say to that that doesn’t make me seeth with anger.

Really, I hate her.