Woot! Woot! Warning! Suit Fetish Content Detected! Woot!

Ok, I have no idea why I’m posting this, I think so that someone out there will validate my, shall we say insanity interest.

It’s no secret that I have a ‘thing’ for guys in a suit. I’m in a few yahoo groups and what not and there’s this guy that usually posts these really hot photos like these:
suitie1.jpg suitie4.jpg suitie8.jpg

Hot as shit, right? (Humor me.)

Anyway… What you might not know is that I think the single most sexiest thing EVAR is when a guy ‘accidentally’ (or otherwise) shows the front or the side of his belly. Doubleplus good if it’s hairy.

You guessed it. Click the following ‘more’ link if you want to see the hottest guy in the universe lift up his shirt and tie and flash his hairy belly.


suitie3.jpg suitie7.jpg suitie2.jpg suitie6.jpg suitie5.jpg

I’m not kidding. It is just WRONG for any one person to be this sexy and neither a) live near me nor b) want to marry me.. WTF? He even has cool geek chic glasses.

I challenge you to prove to me there is a god.