she was shot, buy our clothes.

aa2.jpg I don’t quite understand this advertisement for American Apparel. It’s titled “When I was little, I was in the Korean Circus” which is a little ‘so who cares?’ but then you read the fine print and feel bad: “Kyung, 23 years old, was shot recently in Paris. An American Apparel creative/retail employee, she’s seen here wearing our T-Shirt Leotard with the Opaque Pantyhose.”

Um, what?

There’s no mention of say, donating part of the proceeds of any any Opaque Pantyhose, T-Shirt Leotards, or zig-zaggy gold lamé headbands sold in July to help pay her medical bills or perhaps whether or not Kyung even survived the shooting. There’s no mention of ANYTHING other than she was shot and that she dressed like an extra from Flashdance.

What is the point of this ad and why does it just seem exploitative?