Senator Craig

The accusations are already flying about how this is a ‘witch hunt’ and how it’s wrong that this is getting so much attention from the ‘biased liberal media’ since they were so quick to forgive Clinton.

The big difference between this case as is with any of the recent Republican sex scandals is that these same two-faced politicians have been campaigning against Same Sex Marriage and Gay Rights for years, screaming “Family Values!” and “Gays will destroy the sanctity of marriage!” Meanwhile, when they think no one is watching, these same pillars of virtue and sanctity are visiting prostitutes and sucking cock in toilet stalls.

This is not about outing him because he’s gay. This is about outing the hypocrisy in our government. Trust me, we don’t care if they’re gay, bisexual or whatever. What matters is that they dedicate their careers to denying the LGBT community the basic rights that they have, based on the presumption that we would not live up to some standard that they can’t live up to.

Sen David Vitter votes to “protect” marriage and then pays prostitutes to have sex with him and make him wear diapers.

Sen Craig repeatedly votes to against gays rights, again to “protect” marriage, but hits on underage pages and sucking cock in toilets.

Mark Foley authors laws dismissing gay bashing and ‘championing’ child-protection while propositioning young male interns for sex.

Rep Bob Allen votes to discriminate against gays (again “protecting” marriage) while looking for a cock in park restrooms.

Jeff Ganon bashes democrats and gays alike, then works as male prostitute while sitting in the second row of White House press briefings.

Rep David Drier votes against gay right while IN a gay relationship.

This is about glass houses.