MIA, I know.

I haven’t been posting much here lately. Not because I haven’t had much to say, but more that I’ve just been overwhelmed lately and it’s been hard to sit down and formulate a cohesive entry. I’ll post more news when I know more.

Last week I went to the dermatologist to get some meds for my acne; I always break out badly when I’m under stress, especially when it’s hot as hell out like it’s been. While there I had him look at a lump that’s been on my back for a few years. It’s small and I’ve had it looked at a few years pre-katrina, but still.. it’s a lump the side of a small marble.. it’s a little disconcerting. After discussing it for a while, he felt I should have it removed, to be safe. My appointment is October 25th and I’m terrified. I think I’m more afraid of ‘surgery’ than I am of flying.

On a more important health note, I’ve recently found out that a good friend of mine is HIV+. While I’ve had (and still have) friends that are positive this is the first time I’ve known someone that wasn’t positive when i first met them. It’s quite a different perspective.

Shit, gotta get back to work. More later.