Third day in DC

I’m sitting in Alberto’s temporary bedroom, soon to be mine, using his laptop as I haven’t had space to set up my computer yet. I’m waiting for berto to get a bed (tomorrow) so I can move off the sofa and into an actual living space. The 54 inch TV in the living room is nice though. :)

We got into town Sunday evening and I spent most of Monday sleeping, trying to adjust to a new, normal sleep schedule. Yesterday I walked around the city a bit and went to the Hirshhorn school of modern art. I figure I should get some museums in while I have some free time without a job. I have a few leads that I’m waiting to hear from so it all seems good, really.

Today… not sure what I’m doing. Checking e-mail and showering is all I’ve done so far.

The Going Away Party Picture Post

Thanks to all of you so much for coming out. Even if you didn’t make it to the party Friday night, you should know that you are all the reason I’ve hemmed, hawed and fretted over moving since the flood. It’s been a really difficult decision but I’m looking forward to getting away for an undermined period of time.
Now, some highlights: There’s more at my Flickr Page

Jason, Me and Geronimo Marshall Michael Julie Randy Randy and Geronimo Brandon, Jason, Michael and Me Randy going in deep the brain-sucker is getting drunk. Mark and Cheryll Jay and Me Andy and I Jay, Mark, Me IMG_0617 Mark and Myself Debbie strikes a pose Is carlos getting goosed?

The more things changeā€¦

So, I’m going to be moving to DC in 10 days (OMG!) and already I’ve started perusing various online dating sites, hookup sites and chat rooms trying to get a feel for the guys there. I know, it’s basically a collection of guys that either just want to get laid or who are socially semi-inept. But, hey.. I have a profile there so I guess I’m one of those as well.

Or both.