Drunken thoughts, 12:50am in Washington DC

A friend of mine took me out to a gay bar, JR’s, in the Dupont Circle area of DC. This is significant only in the sense that it was the first time I had been out to a gay bar since I moved here. Nothing extraordinary. For some reason, almost everyone in the bar, as far as looks goes, reminded me of people back home in New Orleans. It kind of made me miss people I didn’t even like back home. Weird.

This reminds me… recently I have received several e-mails from several friends. Along with the usual holiday tidings, they’ve mentioned how much New Orleans is different without me. I assure you all, DC is not New Orleans if only because my friends aren’t here.

I don’t miss the corruption. I don’t miss the bars. I don’t miss the RTA public transit system (if you can actually call that clusterfuck a ‘system’.)

I do miss my friends: each and every one of you. Each and every day.

There is something about DC that reassures me the decision was for the best though.

As 2007 comes to and end, I am confident that 2008 will bring much needed happiness my way.

Actually, it’s the first thing I’ve felt confident about in a long time.