Potlock Slideshow

Last week ‘berto and I went to a Slideluck Potshow (get it?) where not only do people submit a slideshow of photos, but they also bring a yummy covered dish or judging from what other attendees brought, a box of donuts or a couple of cans of pringles. It was fun watching the slideshows and meeting the myriad people that showd up to the event.

I’m totally submitting some photos of my own for the next Potshow. I have about four months to figure how how many and which photos to use and to find some music to play during the whole thing. I REALLY want to avoid some of the trite, cliche soundtracks that people there had.

Girl… please. “Wind Beneath My Wings” while you show a photographic series of birds?


So, if anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

Man reading newspaper on Metro

Invisible Man

Metro riders 1

Metro Riders 2

Mardi Gras in DC, with "Yomamanen"

Random guy (Yes, it's creepy, I know)