Twitter posts (‘tweets’)

Sorry for the confusion. The previous posts were sent via twitter which is kind of like a mini mailing list via txt messages. I was experimenting with a plugin for the blog, so what you saw was the result. There’s no more to the entries other than what you read.

A number of patrons of the bar down the street are drunk, walking to their respective cars which are on opposite sides of the block and have taken this opportunity to scream a conversation between themselves outside on the sidewalk. I can’t tell what they’re saying, but they’re saying it loudly.

It’s only 7:51pm people, too early for this shit. I’m trying to watch TIVOed episods of Janice Dickinson, forchrissakes.

On a completely different topic, I saw the subject of a previously posted photo on the metro again this morning. I see him probably two or three times a week, whenever I happen to be running about 10 minutes late for work. Every time it’s the same. He stands at the foot of the escalator and ties his tie, stopping every couple of seconds to make sure it’s progressing properly. He’ll compare the two lengths of tie, making sure the skinnier piece will be shorter than the long piece when done. Before the final tuck and pull he’ll make sure the bottom of the tie will reach his belt. He always nails the dimple at the top, just as it enters the knot. He;s done this before, he knows what he’s doing.

It’s kinda hot, but I feel totally creepy sneaking peeks.

Fuck, I’m totally creepy.