Went to Wonderland Ballroom with Justin

Stopped by Wonderland with Justin tonight. Great show. Marcus Ricci opened for Andrew Callard. I took a few pictures of both acts, but for some reason only a couple from the Callard set came out. And as you can see, they’re barely recognizable. I *really* wish people would Shut The Fuck Up while bands are playing. The crowd was so loud during the first act that Justin and I had to stand in front of the speakers just to hear anything, but it was worth the resulting loss of hearing. We only caught the last 3 songs of Ricci’s set but it was pretty damn good… kind of Costello. Although it sucked we only caught his last couple songs, I was fortunate to get a free CD. Will definitely check it out. (click that link up top and check out some of his stuff on myspace – ‘This Modern Age’ was freaking amazing live.)

Andrew Callard was good as well. Started off sounding derivative of Elton John – when Elton John was good. – but soon found his own voice. The first song was catchy, but Justin and I both realized that the amount a group sounds like a Christian Band is directly proportional to the number of times they sing the lyric ‘I got that feeling’ and use the pronoun ‘he’ in a song.

The guitarist sitting in was fun to watch too. As far as I could tell his name was John Lin, or Lind, or Linn, or something. It was obvious that the material was new to him, he was playing along while staring into a notebook on a music stand in front of him, but he was having fun up there. I gathered he’s another local DC musician but I was unable to find any information on him… or for Callard for that matter. That’s a shame because they both deserve more exposure! I wanted to say hello to the guitarist after the show, but he was preoccupied with his friends that showed up and I didn’t want to just stand there like a doof until he was free so I left.

Columbia Heights, DC

Pictures from the past week or so

Columbia Heights, MD
Plato, Crashed while watching TV.

Columbia Heights, DC
Lydia sits at the window, watching squirrels.

Rockville, MD
Just found a phone number on a napkin in my jacket pocket. Some icky girl gave
it to me the night of my going away party. Didn’t believe I was gay. Ha!

Left work early!
Left work early. Out the way, bitches!

Darrell Tries On My Glasses
Darrell trying on my glasses.