What Your Soul Sings

liquid~passion imagew00t! to my friend Jason El Corte for getting showcased on liquid~passion, a podcast for up & coming DJs and producers who work within the “deep and soulful vibes” of the drum & bass genre. Although house music has never been my cup of tea, I’ve found a few mixes on his site that I really enjoyed cranking while cleaning the livingroom.

I mean that in a good way. :)

If you’re not in a thumpy mood try out his soul mix Summer Soulstice 2008 or the glitchy Bilateral Backbeat, if you want additional bass there’s his The Immaculate Ascension (Missing Priest Mix) and his live set on WRIR 97.3FM. Mmmm, housey.

Holy shit, maybe you’ll catch me dancing with my hands above my waist and twirling glow sticks around my head sometime soon?

(Cute too, eh?)