Take Another Little Piece of My… Cell Phone?

Craigslist, missed connections:
Fri 13th,U fr Mississippi very drunk U followed me on ColumbiaST (of course he did)

You live on Hobart st. i know your name but dont want to say it. I was excited you followed me even though you were super drunk. You asked me to come home and snuggle with you so i did……unfortunately when we arrived your boyfriend was there and you failed to mention to me that you had one, poor me. I’m sorry i couldnt help you when your bf got angry and did what he did to you, i wish i could have, i never saw anything like that happen before and it freaked me out. You probably shouldn’t have brought me home and it would not have happened, i don’t know, but never the less i felt really sorry for you and felt helpless and dissappointed. I think your a really beautiful guy and would love if you see this and get in touch with me. Me , well i am a tall mixed race exotic sexy fool visiting from Los Angeles to refresh you with wild crazy hair. By the way i was still standing outside when your bf came back out and smashed your cell phone on the sidewalk….i think i have a piece of it, hehe…i’d love to give it to you sometime…I hope your well man and i hope to hear from you. This is a first for me posting an ad on CL….if anyone knows this southern boy on the 1700 block of Hobart please tell him to read this and email me….I believe his name started with a G i wont say the rest. Peace my friend……