Frontalot on G4

Thanks to Jason for txting me letting me know the cable channel G4 is running a promo featuring MC Frontalot. Since I don’t watch much G4 I decided to track it down on Youtube. Apparently G4 is having the spot pulled faster than you can say “douchbag”.

You’d think a channel devoted to gaming and geekness would be hip to the YouTube ship. It’d suck to have people find out about the channel who you know.. aren’t already WATCHING it. Geesh.

Watch it here, while the link still works.

Here’s the video straight from G4 itself. Thanks for Stephen from G4 for sending me the embed code for their superdeeduper resolution video. (I knew they had to be cooler than that.)

More frontalot when you click here:

I hate your blog (Live):

Nerdcore Rising (Live, with Optimus Rhyme (best name EVER))

Frontalot on G4 Freestyle 101 (although, not really freestyling)

And.. my MC Frontalot theme for the SideKick. :)