Banksy, is that you?

And if it is, why could I not have visited New Orleans THIS week instead of last month?

Jonno has been Banksy hunting through the streets of New Orleans and has posted photos of his findings on his jonnodotcom Flickr photostream.

So. Fucking. Cool.

While I’m not a huge fan of graf, I really respect Banksy because he’s not just scribbling his name on a wall or spray painting huge murals of illegible text. Don’t get me wrong, there’s graf out there that is more than that, but Banksy is probably the most recognizable and respected graf artist to come around in a long time. His pieces are usually political in nature, even if they don’t immediately seem to be. It’s kind of a big deal he’s in the city, somewhere.

Click the screenshot to go to jonno’s flickr set.

When looking for photos of his work I found this article that may have photos of Banksy. If so, he’s CUTE. I knew it! :)