/me paints himself green and runs around in a circle, flailing his arms and screaming like Kermit The Frog.

OK bitches. It’s on like Donkey Kong:

[Nerdcore Rising] is opening at a theatre in College Park, MD! It’s an art house cinema situated on the campus of the University of Maryland. Ain’t that something! The movie opens on Friday Sept. 5th and it will be screening on a schedule that will be revealed to the public sometime at the end of this week or early next week. The more people see the movie in its first week, the more likely it is that we’ll go into a second week… so try to catch it early. To the University of MD students that have been requesting this film, we salute you! For ticket info please go here:


Nerdcore Rising.
(Documentary about Nerdcore and MC Frontalot)
September 5th.
Hoff Theater.
College Park, Maryland.

Anyone care to join me?