Because I’m just that tragic (and a little bit drunk.)

I just committed the worst on-line personals sin possible, if not the tackiest. I just sent a third (yes, third) message to someone that has yet to respond to my original reply to his ad. In some weird and delusional way I feel like I am at least owed a ‘no thanks’ Quick Message seeing that I PAID the $30 subscription fee specifically to reply to his ad earlier in the month. He was kind of cute, and had things like “I’m a nice, friendly guy” and “just say hello if you like” in his ad. I’ve placed ads on tons of personals sites over the year and if there’s any phrase that’s over-used it’s “just say hello.”

Of course, even as I was typing “not even a ‘no thanks?” and clicked send, I knew it was going to make me look totally pathetic and desperate but I felt like I was at least speaking up for all the other totally pathetic and desperatelonely guys on these sites.