Nerdcore has risen

Nerdcore Rising ticket

I’m glad to report that Nerdcore Rising was better than I was expecting it to be. A documentary that not only tried to explain what exactly Nerdcore Hip-Hop is, but also followed the grand pooh-bah of the genra, MC Frontalot aroundon his first national tour. The tour footage was broken up with short pieces of interviews with notable Nerdcore artists and non-Nerdcore stars like Jello Biafra, Weird Al, Prince Paul and of course NCHH fans from the different stops on the tour. A particular treat for me was seeing their stop in New Orleans which got a pretty good chunk of time in the film. I couldn’t really recognize the venue they played though. My only complaint is that Frontalot has that patch of hair under his bottom lip. Gross. (I still love ya though.)

So, if the movie comes to your town, I recommend going out of your way to see it. :)