Grey Gardens quoting twitter bots. This is what I do with my free time

I was looking for different twitter tools and found a site that had code for a simple twitter bot. Of course, I started brainstorming for something to do with it. I thought maybe something Project Runway related, but then thought.. no, there’s only so many times someone wants to get “Make it work” sent to them.


I’m still copying and pasting lines of the movie in, but I have enough for a few of weeks without getting repeats. At least, for little_edie. big_edie just didn’t have as much screen time, unless you want me to put in the lyrics for “Tea for Two”. :)

They’re sent out twice a day via twitter, but you don’t need a twitter account. After I add more I’ll figure out a way to get a quote on demand. or maybe search for quotes :)

Obligatory disclaimer: Normal SMS message rates will apply. :)

send follow big_edie or follow little_edie to 40404 to subscribe.

Note: a few messages are sent from one bot to the other, so you have to be subscribed to both of them to get those.

9/16: Oops, a bit of a misconfiguration caused it to send out a slew of messages this morning. Fixed