Tipsy thoughts, 3:41am in a cab.

This doesn’t qualify for a a full on Drunken Thoughts post, but it’ll do.

I just spent the last couple hours sitting next to some guy in Omega, trying to seem interested but not crazy too-interested. He spent the last couple hours talking catty with his friend about people in the bar and making me laugh —to myself mostly, I probably wasn’t supposed to be listening to them, cause that’d be kind of eavesdropping and creepy-like. His friend totally busted me a few times and repeated a few comments for my benefit. That was a good sign, I think. I tried to interact, but I felt like a dork for some reason, so I didn’t say much.

The lights flickered. the bartender shouted “last call” and we wound up walking back down P Street in close proximity but not together, if you know what I mean. We talked a little during the walk, at Dupont Circle I turned right and they went left. I missed the train. and suddenly had to pee.

Real bad.

At this hour it was either Kramerbooks or Annie’s, since that’s all I know that’s open with a public restroom. I’m still boycotting Kramer’s so I decided on Annie’s.

I was alone so once I got to Annie’s I requested a seat at the bar rather than waste a four-top during the closing time rush.

Of course, I ended up getting a stool a few seats away from them. I heard his friend say “ask him if he missed his train”, but I was never spoken to. I just sat there eating my burger and fries, wishing I would have brought a book to occupy my mind or at least brought the nerve to tell him I missed the train myself.

Literally and figuratively.

I’m home, so I will now say goodnight.