says ‘screw it’, pours sh*t on fan

With the myriad chat clients available many user’s only logged into check e-mail or view articles. This past weekend finally switched over to their new design and it’s been a total disaster. Ads are popping up everywhere , the ‘improved’ site is poorly designed and the chat rooms are no longer compatible with any of the 3rd party chat clients. Because of this last point, users are now forced to chat via the site’s interface which runs terribly slow, when it runs at all, in most web browsers. The new chat has flashing ads and lacks any way to block annoying chatters (which are plentiful.) The consensus is that so many people were using third party clients for so long that their web servers simply can’t handle the load of all these people actually using the site to chat.

Queens are outraged.

Even if you have no interest in the site’s subject matter, pass by the “Behind The Website” blog to view the hundreds of negative comments people are leaving — I have yet to read a positive one.

PlanetOut and Mr. Wilson better seriously resolve the issues with chat, or this site will end up like bears at a drag show!

I don’t want to be a whiner like the rest of the bitches, but the changes absolutely suck in a very back way! I know im not cute or even hot, but the old chat allowed me to drool over the cute bois. -felipe in austin

you know LESBIANS use this site too and we are finding it to be entirely sexist and are again being put second to the gay men!

Where is the “Mannerisms” portion of the profile? You’ve replaced it with something about facial hair for the guys and now everyone thinks I have a soul patch and chops when I am clearly hairless!

Apparently on top of the above mentioned design flaws and general advert-whoredom, the user profiles on the site can no longer be set to ‘viewable only by members’ and are now being indexed by search engines, revealing private information across the interwebs. NOT a Good Thing(tm) when profiles contain information regarding anal sex preferences, HIV status and drug use.

Epic fail for