My veggie chili recipe, a work in progress

My veggie chilli for lunch today
I’ve been modifying this recipe for the last few months, trying to make it as easy as possible to make in a short period of time. The version I made last night was pretty darn tasty so I wanted to document it before I forgot what I did.

The types of beans are all up to whatever you have nearby. I’ve found that pinto and kidney beans are the bare minimum; black beans are next in line (for me.) This is what I used this time around.

1 can whole kernel corn

1 can black beans
1 can garbanzo beans (chick peas)
1 can kidney beans
2 can pinto beans (not re-fried)
1/2 bag of lentils

Half package of tempeh, crumbled and chopped randomly
1/2 of a medium sized onion
garlic to taste
1 small can tomato paste
chili powder
red pepper

Dump all the canned ingredients in the crock pot EXCEPT for the garbanzo beans if you use them. Garbanzos are a pain the ass to peel but I really <3/BFF them so I suffered through it. (Actually, I couldn’t take it after 10 minutes of peeling so I just used about 2/3rds of the can; holy shit I hate garbanzo beans.)

Maniacally pick through the lentils removing anything that resembles rocks, twigs or small shark teeth. Rinse the dirty, nasty things well then dump them in the pot.

Cut the onion up fine and throw it in there as well, same with the garlic. I’m nuts for garlic so I used like six cloves. Your taste buds may vary so use more or less of whichever you like more or less.

Dump the tomato paste in. You can dice some tomato as well I guess, but I didn’t.

Cut up the tempeh into chunks and toss it in. More would probably rock, it’s good stuff. (I know, what the hell is tempeh, right? Look in the hippie isle at the grocery: near the tofu.)

I had no idea how much spice to put in so I put in a rounded tablespoon of chili powder in for each canned ingredient, plus a little more for giggles; 5+ tablespoons. I put in 1 teaspoon of red pepper and a tablespoon of cumin (get your head out the gutter.)

Salt and pepper to taste.

I crockedpotted for 12 hours on low. (I put it on at 7:30 last night and turned it off when I woke up this morning.)

In the past I’ve put carrots or celery or green peppers and other random stuff in but I never liked the way it came out; things remained crunchy that shouldn’t be crunchy or turned slimy that shouldn’t be slimy.

Really, anything tastes good in it as long as you mix in enough chili powder and cumin (*snicker*), it’s all about getting a good texture.