My Moo Minicards came in!

First of all, I have to aplogize for the quality of the photo. Besides being the best device in the world for sending SMS messages, the Sidekick is also the worst phone ever and has the brightest flash conceivable placed directly next to the camera lens, rendering it useless for illuminating your subject in dim lighting. It does, however, isolate and measure the electronic impulses in your brain. More specifically, the ones for memory.

So, my moo cards came in on Friday and I’m very pleased with them. The cards are a little narrower and a little taller than half a standard business card. They’re handy to pass out when meeting a new trick friend without giving out your work details. The boxes come in increments of 100 and you can either upload photos or have them slurped out of your flickr or facebook albums (and others photo sites too). You can upload as many as you like, so theoretically you could have 100 different cards. I uploaded 15 images, I think. I would have used my flickr account directly, but I wanted a few banksy cards, which weren’t in my photostream.

Of all the cards, I’m only disappointed in a few of them. The pics of my concert tickets all came out very dark, as did the picture of my collarbone x-ray. These were dark to begin with, so I can’t blame the folks at Moo, but would have been nice if they would have noticed it and brightened them up a bit. They’re not totally illegible so I’ll still use them.

Here’s the cards on my table along with a mint tin that I’m re-purposing to use as a carrying case. :)

moo cards