WordPress 2.7 had me at hello

… then it it lost me at “Oh NO”, which is what I just said out loud, to the obvious bewilderment of the woman standing in front of me on the Rockville Metro station platform.

The beautiful new dashboard layout/design looks like complete unusable ass on my phone. And if you can’t use an ass completely, what good is it?

Just sayin.

Anyway, that’s not why I’m writing this entry. Really.

I figure it’s been a while since I posted something so I should at least post an update of the stuff that’s been going on. At least stuff that wont jynx the stuff that’s going on — like I have a habit of doing. :)

I’ve been using twitter a lot lately and I guess it’s kind of replaced the blog a little in some ways. You can read my blathering there by clicking the Elsewhere link in my menu up top.

Baby It's Gay Outside!My friend Michael and I went the DC Gay Men’s Chorus two weeks ago to see our friend Michael Hart sing in the ensemble. The performance was called “Baby It’s Gay Outside” and let me tell you, it certainly was gay inside. The number where a dancing elf on rollerskates gave St. Nick a lapdance while singing “Santa Baby” was so gay I had to get tested afterwards. I was positive.. positive for holiday cheer! “Brokeback Dradle” was hysterical as was the Hanukkah number with the daddybear dressed like a candle.

There was a whole lotta Jesus goin’ on in the first half, though. Granted, it was a Christmas show, but I kept waiting for Robert Tilton to come running out, speaking in tongues and asking us for money. I was however, a little disappointed they didn’t actually play “Baby it’s Cold Outside,” which is my favorite xmas song. EVAR.


I went to see TMBG the week before:  Totally amazing show, as I hoped for. They did the album “Flood” in it’s entirety for the first set, then played a full second set and two encores for a little under three hours of geeky goodness. Win.

Then, this past Wednesday my friend Justin and I went to see the musical Next To Normal at Crystal City’s Arena Stage. The story revolved around a bipolar, schizophrenic mother and her (hot as balls) husband, their daughter (who IMHO was the best singer in the cast) their son (who had a fauxhawk. meh.) and the mom’s psychiatrist (who was also kinda hot.) Overall, it was very, very OK. I loved the lighting and set design, the cast were all phenomenal but the dialogue got a little preachy at points. I got it the first time around: drugs are bad and medicine isn’t the answer to everything. Despite it’s occasional hokeyness, I’d recommend it to just about anyone who like a good rockin’ musical,

Much to my chagrin, I have NOT seen Grey Gardens yet. I know. I know. It’s playing till January 4th, so I have time. Get off my back, geesh. :)

Since I’m not going to make it down for the Holidays, I’m  planning on going to New Orleans mid-January to see everyone.  I’ll be full time at work by then so I’ll actually be paid for vacation time, finally!

So, I’m being bad — posting this at work.  Will be posting more often, promise.   I’ve been in the mood. :)