Holiday Ramblings

To be completely honest, I was really dreading xmas this year. I’m not religious and I don’t buy into the whole commercial aspect of the holiday season. Behind closed doors I’m probably known as the big scrooge that doesn’t give gifts, etc. I don’t know, I just don’t get excited by the whole thing. The only part of the holiday season I do like is that it’s a chance to get together with friends all at once and do something together. Post Katrina this was very important to me since my schedule was flipped so topsy-turvey I rarely got to see my friends.

I moved to DC around this time last year and although xmas 2007 was definitely odd being away from everyone, being new to the city was a distraction and I didn’t notice it much. Plus, most of my newly-made friends were in town so it wasn’t as depressing as it could have been. This year was a whole other animal though. I don’t think anyone I know in DC was in town this week and I was prepared to spend xmas day reading tweets about everyone’s fabulous holiday dinners and fantastic parties while the cats stared at me all disapproving-like as I watched x-tube and ate from a jar of peanut butter on the cold floor of the bathroom.

Luckily, it didn’t end up being that way.

Wednesday night I went with Gerry to support his friend Richard on his excursion to St. Matthew’s Midnight Mass. I didn’t quite get the full story why any of us were there though, but I imagine it revolved around repressed Catholic guilt of some kind (but doesn’t everything?). Now, I was fully expecting to burst into a flaming pillar of salt upon walking into the church, but not much happened other than some catty remarks and a couple rounds of “peace be with you” with Gerry and his friends and the couple behind us. Other than that, i tried to think of reasons why the people in line should be allowed to participate in the pseudo-cannibalistic blood ritual and not me, just cause I like to, um, you know, every now and then.. I felt left out. I wanted to pretend like I was drinking blood too.

Gerry came over on Thursday and we spent the day watching bad TV on the sofa, drinking bad wine, napping and trying to forage for food at a restaurant that was A) Actually open and B) NOT over-priced Chinese. (A C)Chinese buffet would have ruled though.) It was a very laid back day and other than being with my friends back home as well, I couldn’t have asked for a better time.

Then, this afternoon my friend James called and said he wanted to go walk around and play with his G1’s GPS Tracking Program. We were looking for a cupcake place in Georgetown, but since they were closed when we found them we settled for coffee and a slice of ginormous chocolate cake at SoHo Coffee and Tea. You can see some pictures from our walk on his blog.

So, now I’m sitting at home with the kitties doing laundry and wishing Christmas wasn’t over so soon.

Yeah, me. Weird, eh?