The red tape gets stickier.

I dropped my prescription off this morning at CVS near work and was immediately told that my doctor hadn’t given the OK through the iPledge system yet. I was expecting this, since I didn’t think my blood work would make it there that early. What i wasn’t expecting was the call 3 hours later letting me know that my insurance wasn’t covering Accutane until my doctor sends them some paperwork – and that could take 2-14 days to be processed (depending on what paperwork that needed to be sent in.) If it doesn’t get approved it will be $587 a month out of my pocket.

Of course, the idiot at Aetna had never heard of Accutane, so I have no real idea what’s going on.

According to this link, though, some other brands of Isotretinoin might not be as restricted. I think it’s due to the lower dosages.

Aetna Medicare Prescription Drug Plan: Acne Agents, Oral

I’m waiting to hear back from Dr. Adler to find out what’s going on. I informed them that I will gladly take a different brand/lower dosage to get this resolved ASAP.

Edit: For what it’s worth, I’ve found places online where you can get it without a prescription for $159. Still expensive, but whatever – it’s a thought.