I guess I shouldn’t get pregnant while taking this

I guess I shouldn't get pregnant while taking this

I ended up not getting Accutane (the brand) but Claravis – which is the same thing. I’m assuming it’s because either Accutane was really off the market or my Insurance company only accepts certain brands (I think Claravis is the generic.)

So, it’s the end of the third day of taking Isotretinoin and so far the effects have been subtle, but noticeable (if only to myself.) My lips feel dry and although my skin hasn’t magically cleared up or anything, I have noticed that I haven’t been getting grimy towards the end of the day like I normally do.

It could really be a placebo affect, but I’m happy either way. :)

As is my luck, this week when I’m at my most self-conscience state in months, I ended up having a date. It went pretty well — a smidgen bit awkward at the end – but not at all in a bad way though. It was fun. Looking forward to seeing him again soon. Not saying much, don’t want to jinx anything (again. lol)