Labor day weekend

After the last couple hectic weeks at work it was a relief to have a nice, long three day weekend to relax and blow off some steam.

Saturday night I went to an impromptu dance party at @DCDebbie’s that was later dubbed #holdenittogether, after a mutual twitter friend that a lot of us follow (@AliHolden) lost her beloved dog earlier in the week. @DistrictOfRyan, @MikeSica, and @Claddah76 met me at Target and we (quite literally) stuffed ourselves into @BdgrLaw’s little Audi A4 and somehow reached Silver Spring, MD without being pulled over for impersonating a clown car.

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicOnce at Debbies I ate, I drank, I watched @rlybrg flawlessly recreate the videos for both Single Ladies and Got Me Bodied. I took a picture with my index finger knuckle-deep in @DCDebbie’s cleavage (coming soon, I’m sure.) It was an interesting night, to say the least.

Also in attendance were @urbanphish, @cubby1978, @jesserker, @DCPrincessQ, and @dupontdan. I’m missing some people, but I don’t remember their twitter names.

Notice who wasn’t there? That’s right, the person who the party was named after. I’m not quite sure what to make of that.

Sunday I was supposed to wake up and go see Inglourious Basterds with Tadd. He wasn’t feeling well so I decided to go by myself. Unfortunately my body had other plans – I wound up falling asleep watching TV and not getting off the sofa until almost 7. I did a little work on my bike and then went out for a couple drinks with @DistrictOfAris, @DupontDan, @DrGateWood and @MikeSica. I stayed out a little too late, missed my bus, and wound up walking home. At 2am. Cue Elvis Presley: “In the ghetto.”


Today I just about finished building my bike up; it’s pretty much rideable now. Yes, it’s still kinda wobbly in some areas but since I don’t have the tools to fix the bottom bracket or the headset at the moment – I’ll head to the local bicycle co-op, The Bike House, this weekend and knock all that out. I’d still like to get some new cranks for it at some point, but the ones that are on there will work fine for now. I rode around the neighborhood for a bit but it started to rain so I cut it short and went back inside. It is surreal to be riding it after so long. It feels weird, riding a bike that’s actually the right size for me. :)

This evening I had dinner at City Lights of China with a really sweet guy I met a couple weekends ago. After dinner we got a drink at Larry’s on 18th street and chatted some more while people watching on the patio. It was a great night out and Larry’s is such a nice place to go to just chat without yelling over thumping music or suffering the usual drama that’s at most gay bars. Whenever I go there I always ask myself why I don’t go more often. I never have an answer.

On the way to my bus at 14th and P I stopped in at JRs to say hi to @MarkDC and @DCBrent. It was showtunes night so when Maybe This Time came on I couldn’t leave just yet. Then, as I was telling them goodbye, Harper Valley PTA came on and it just wouldn’t have been proper to exit until it was over.

An hour later I deftly made my escape when some crappy rendition of Man of La Mancha started. I mean really.

I’m totally not ready to go back to work. Can’t I just have one more day off? :)