Update with Claravis/Accutane/Isotretinoin

So it’s been a little over four months and a commenter on one of my earlier posts wanted me to post an update. Well, Accutane has been pretty much the best thing in the world. No acne on my face. Even more important, there’s none on the back of my neck for the first time since highschool. I’ll just go there and be all “miracle drug” on you.

I haven’t had any side effects that I read about other than a dry nose and very, very dry lips. I’ve had some bloody crusty boogers here and there, but no gushing bloody noses or anything like that. My liver is fine and I’ve continued drinking alcohol at my normal page – about 6 or 7 vodka drinks a week, usually all on Friday. :)

If you do go on it, don’t bother with the Chapstick. You want either Vaseline Intensive Care lip gel or some other lip balm that isn’t wax-based. That wax-based stuff doesn’t do anything.