and here’s when the butterflies start and the freak-outs begin

Since I moved to DC I’ve had a few goals lined up for myself:

  1. Get rid of acne.
    • Check. Thanks Accutane!
  2. Go back to school.
    • I’ve been reading about different schools the last week or so and intend to start back up in Fall, maybe Summer if it all works out. I know it’s time I grow up and get over it and just go back and finish my undergrad up. Even just taking a few credits at a time, it’ll just take a couple of years. I may as well work towards it than sit around and wonder why I’m not, right?
  3. For fuck’s sake, go to the dentist.
    • I just called and got an appointment to see a real live dentist. This will be my first dental appointment since getting my wisdom teeth yanked in ’03. Even back then, I was told I probably needed a root canal and perhaps had the beginnings of periodontitis. Of course, I’ve brushed like motherfucker since then but I know it couldn’t have improved much (if at all) without a professional. The fear of the expense (no insurance) stopped me for a long time and the general embarrassment of admitting it’s been 10 years since I’ve even had a cleaning has made me wait even longer. I realize now I can’t wait much longer and avoiding finding out for sure how bad it is isn’t making it better. Sigh.

      Every 6 months from now on. I promise.