Stressful weekend, finally over

I’m finally in the new apartment with @MarkDC and @DCBrent. I met them on twitter about a year ago and we’ve turned into really good friends since. Although I’ll miss living with Alberto it’ll be refreshing to live so close to Dupont Circle with two queens. :)

I’m actually a little excited to be thrust back into gayness again after living with Alberto for the last two years. But, it’s not like I magically appeared in the new digs, room all set up and cats happy. With the help of the roomies, new and old as well as @Jase11 (who did an extraordinary amount of lifting, go you!) I managed to get moved Saturday afternoon and mostly unpacked by Saturday evening – in time to pass by the Eagle for a little while and see some friends.

This morning I’m exhausted and starving. My body aches from the hairs (not) on my head to the nails on my toes. I want nothing more than to rip the head off my care bear bubble bath and soak the majority of the day away and then eat until I pass out.

Sounds like a plan.

I was good last night though so I’m not hungover on top of all this — I played a very terrible game of pool with Mark, Chugs and Daniel then left a little while after that. Home by 1, asleep by 2.

Um. You had me until.. oh hell no.

Thanks to Ben for sending this to me:

For posterity sake:

I have a bedroom (12 x 14ft) available starting on June 1st (1 year lease) for a male or female roommate. My previous roommate just moved out since his work (for the federal government) took him to another city. We’ll be sharing a bathroom, kitchen, and living room. The apartment is spacious and well lit by natural light.

A little about myself:

I work at the Department of Defense as a researcher and I’m also pursuing a Master’s Degree at Georgetown. I really enjoy reading, hiking, playing kickball with my friends, and drinking good beer :) I go out a lot on the weekends but once in a while I stay home and just watch a movie. If you’re interested please contact me by email and tell me a little about yourself.

One more thing, please read this so we don’t waste each others’ time! On our bathroom door is a checklist. I like to keep a record of my bowel movements and I expect you to do the same. It’s a just a simple checklist with each day of the month, simply place a check on the day if you have a bowel movement. It’s no big deal and you needn’t worry about replacing the list, I’ll take care of everything. Hope to hear from you!