I need a drink. Or sushi.

Today I had the pleasure of helping a customer who is what I call a “mumbler.” If I ask a mumbler a simple question, like, “what port are you using for your outgoing mail server?” they’ll proceed to mumble nonstop into the phone, informing me of every button they click and the content of every window that pops up. They’ll tell me every port they’ve ever used since they first set up an e-mail account in 1995. They let me know every person that walks in the room and every thought that crosses their mind.

This time, while configuring an iphone’s e-mail settings, the flood of consiousness was suddenly interupted:

Her: “Oh my god! my screen just went blank.”
Me: “The screen is blank?”
Her: “My settings are all gone.”
Me: “They’re gone or the screen is blank?”
Her: “The screen went blank, all white. Totally blacked out.”
Me: “It’s all black or it’s all white?”
Her: “My settings are all gone. They’re all empty.”
Me: “Are the settings all empty or is the screen all blank?”
Her: “It’s all blacked out, they’re empty. I don’t get it. Oh my god. Oh my god.”