Canada Goes To Hell

Canada Goes To Hell

All of which makes you wonder: how many more countries will it take? How many more nations will have to, for example, prove that gun licensing works, or that gay-marriage legislation is a moral imperative, or that health care for all is mandatory for a nation’s well being, before America finally looks at itself and says, whoa, damn, we are so silly and small and wrong? Is there any number large enough? After the announcement that gay Chinese and gay Russians may legally marry and grow lovely gardens of marijuana as they all get free dental care, will America remain terrified of nipples and queers?

Nipples and queers! Ha!

Gay couples queue to wed in San Francisco as Bush weighs in against them

I hate to keep harping on this, but: Gay couples queue to wed in San Francisco as Bush weighs in against them

Instead of another rant, I’ll pull a quote from the article:

Hong Kong-born graphic designer Michael Choi, who married his girlfriend Ida Sun in city hall as scores of gay and lesbian couples took the same vows around them, said he thought gay marriages were a sign of American freedom.

“It’s no problem for us, the only problem is it means that there are just too many people trying to get married at the same time,” he said.

“My parents are very traditional Chinese and were kind of shocked because they had never seen gay people before. But America is a country of freedom, so this is great,” he told AFP.

Blog for America

Presidential candidate, Howard Dean, has quite an impressive blog called Blog for America. His platform seems pretty solid and I like his stance on foreign policy and women’s rights. He’s pretty Democrat-as-usual in his economic plan, but being the former governor of Vermont, he’s very pro LGBT. Quite frankly, the current administration scares me, and I’m willing to vote democrat to derail our current midnight train to a theocracy. It’s very obvious that Bush regards Lesbian and Gays as second class citizens, and is actively working to outright deny same sex couples the same rights and benefits that hetero-couples enjoy. Imagine that — in the home of the free, an entire group of people are watching their chances for equality taken away from them. Ironically, it appears the current administration believes that some are more equal than others.

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News Flash! Superdome to become eyesore!

Apparently the Louisiana Superdome is about to become the God-Bless-America-Dome.

The proposed legislation would require that the LSED contract with a private entity to paint, at no cost to the district, the flag of the United States of America and the phrase “God Bless America”, on the roof of the Louisiana Superdome. The contract shall not be subject to public bidding requirements under the public bid law. The LFO assumes that alternative means of financing such as a SGF appropriation or private funds will be required as this legislation states that this project will be performed “… at no cost to the district”.

The cost to paint the roof of the Superdome in this manner is estimated by the LSED to be approximately $300,000 to $350,000 for the initial painting. In addition, the LSED estimates that approximately $50,000 will be expended annually for maintenance of the painting. Finally, the LSED estimates that the roof will have to be repainted every five years.

$350,000 every 5 years? It’s good thing we fixed those education and unemployment problems so we can concentrate on bullshit like this.