Sidekick LX Updates Coming to a, well.. a Sidekick LX near you

Just read this news article about the SideKick LX:

… the update adds two major capabilities: video record, play, and share; and support for stereo Bluetooth headsets and file transfers. You’ll also get some smaller but equally useful features, including an alarm clock, an integrated spell-checker, advanced instant-messaging functions

Holy crap. Video is cool and all (read: PORN!) but I’m most excited about stereo bluetooth! I am wondering what “advanced instant-messaging functions” is all about though.

While on the outside I am seated calmly at my desk in suburban Rockville MD, on the inside I am jumping on my chair a-la Tom Cruise in Oprah’s studio.

UPDATE: I found this full list of Official Sidekick LX Over-the-Air Update Notes here.