Random Sober Thoughts at 3am

I went to see X-Men III tonight with Marshall, Carlos, the Jasons and Julie. It was actually pretty good for a typical blockbuster action movie sequel based on a comic book series.

I got home from work literally moments before Julie arrived to pick me up so all I had time to do was splash some water on my face, comb my hair and grab a jacket in case it was cold int he theater. Now, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on here but lately, thanks to Carlos, I’ve developed a jacket obsession. I think I’ve “won” about 8 or 9 sportcoats on eBay in the last few months. Since it’s been so hot the last few weeks I was happy to be going out in an air conditioned environment that didn’t involve a half hour bicycle ride to get there. I was finally able to wear one of said jackets. Of course, everyone wanted to know why I was so dressed up… it’s weird to be like “oh, I just wanted to wear this.”

Like I’ve said before, I’m definately trying to transform my (self) image so it’s hard sometimes to do so with people who are so used to me dressing in crappy, bike grease soaked khakis and t-shirts all the time. They always want to know what job I interviewed for. :)

I like to joke that I changed after watching a month of What Not To Wear while we were evacuated but it’s so true. Having to buy new clothes definately made me adjust how I thought of myself. I suddenly have to uphold this new image I’m presenting.

Not sure why I’m posting this – just came to my mind.

Anyway, when I was just getting ready to put up my laptop I saw this video preview in the video chat program I use and thought it was a neat effect. Here’s a bit of me being stupid for those of you who haven’t seen me in a while:

Spinning Around

(right click and “… save as”)

Another day, another 24 hours in Montgomery, AL

Today we spent the morning helping Carlos’ sister and boyfriend move into their new house. It was fun, and killed time.. except it put off our visit to the library. So here I am, not much new to say. I’ve begun introducing the kitties to the dog in the house. Plato and Jade sniffed noses, then Jade sneezed and Plato ran in back in their room. It’ll be fine, but they just will be taking it slow. Jade is like, 5 times his size and 6 or 7 times Lydia’s size. It’ll be cute though. :)

I’m about to see about getting unemployment. Since I don’t know where my check is going to be coming from, I need to put some balls into motion and see what happens. Do I go to LA’s site or AL’s site? I’m not sure.

I’m glad to be hearing from people and know they’re alright. I’ll post something letting people know what I know, in case you’re wondering as well.

We just got cable so we can start watching the horrible news on CNN, MSNBC, etc…

I have a couple of suggestions, Mr./Mrs. Newspeople:

  • Please show us something GOOD. I know there are areas where there is no flooding, SHOW US. I’d like to see something good for a change. I’d like to see the F.Q. or metairie, or somewhere else that isn’t under 8 feet of water. It’d be nice to see a few images of the places that survived.
  • Please stop asking people questions like: “so, was it scary to be trapped in your attic for 10 hours with only 3 inches of air to breathe?” It was terrifying, don’t be so condecending.

Alberto would like me to remind everyone to hurry up and file a claim for unemployment before they run out! :) www.laworks.net.

Family and Friend’s Whereabouts

Please feel free to use the comments function to update your information here. Don’t put address or phone numbers here. Send them to me and I’ll keep track of them the best I can. Email me for more info.

T = I have a land line for them.

Julie is in Baton Rouge with a bunch of friends at a hotel. (7 humans, 2 cats and a dog in one hotel room!) She’s flying out to Virginia to stay with some friends. T

Jason, his dad, his grandfather, his two dogs and two cats stayed for the storm… they’re on their way out the city, but I’m not sure where to.
update 9/3 Jason et.al are “in Memphis going from hotel room to hotel room. We’ll have a permanent suite on Monday. Permanent. God, that sounds depressing. :P How about temporarily permanent? “

My brother Michael, as of Monday night, was in a hotel in N.O. near the airport that the airline is paying for, but they have no water or power.
update 9/1 Michael is going to Charlotte N.C. for work.

My sister and her husband are going to stay with his family in New Jersey with their dog.
update 9/1 Kay, Johnny and pooch are in New Jersey. T

J A S O N is in a “smoke filled double-wide outside Alexandria”

Stacey and John(?) are staying with parental units in Birmingham, AL. Maybe we can hook up? I love Marshall and Carlos, but it’d be nice to see someone else! :)

Gilya is in Houston, but is moving somewhere else soon. T (hotel number)

I don’t know where David (Brown) is, but I got a text message back from him, so I know he’s alright.
update 9/1 Dennis Lauscha has confirmed via txt message to Marshall that David is OK

Brian (Asbury) went to Indiana to see his parents, doesn’t know when (or even if) he’s coming back. T

Kiki and Mags are ok, but I don’t remember where they are. (sorry!)
update 9/1 Kiki is in Marksville, with her sister. Mags is in Louisville, KY with her gf.

Mark (Grapes) and his kitty are in Baton Rouge with friends.

Gina is in Port Sulfur with Family. T

Debbie and Lloyd are in Baton Rouge with thier cats.

I got texted from Dan, it seemed like he was in the Hotel. I hope he managed to get out.
update 9/1 Dan msged me that he is going to Birmingham or Houston for work.
update 9/3 Dan is going to Birmingham.
Kasey is In Nacotoches with friends (?)

Christopher (Kent) is in Texas with friends.

Mary, Earl and Marc were staying with kay and Johnny in Mississippi but are going somewhere else.
update 9/1 Mary et all were supposedly going to a Redcross Shelter

Jeffery was in Baton Rouge on Sunday and Illinois last night. Guess he’s making his way to Chicago? T
update 9/1 Jeff is still in rural Illinois. “Will stay [there] for home base”

update 9/ 1 Myke Yest is in Florida with his mom.

update 9/1 I heard from Rachelle. She didn’t say where she was.

update 9/1 Patrick Thompson sent me this: “Pallie and I are in Spring Branch, Texas with some friends. We’ve got my mother-in-law, her dog and two cats, and our two cats.” T

update 9/1 Michael Hernandez is in Lafayette. T

I’m not sure what happened to my grandmother… her nursing home was “dry” as of Monday night, but without water I assume they had to evacuate. My mom hasn’t been able to get in touch with them since then.

update 9/1 Brandon is in Jackson, LA.

Things are looking grim.

I think if any one paragraph sums up the situation best it’s:

2:01 P.M. – Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard says there is no plumbing and the sanitary situation is getting nasty. He told WAFB-TV that he is carrying around a bag for his own human waste.

Well, the only good news I’ve heard so is I’ve accounted for most of my friends and loved ones.

I’m only able to get to the net at the library, so there’s a huge lag between updates for me, but now it looks like the 17th St. Canal levee has burst, and water is flooding into the city. This is BAD. The photos I’ve been seeing are horrific. N.O. East is a lake. Home’s roofs are peeking up from the water like .. well, flooded homes. Can’t really come up with anything clever to say.

3:07 P.M. – Governor Blanco: We are looking for ways to get people out of the Superdome and out of New Orleans said Governor Blanco as she tried to keep from crying.

Marshall, Carlos and I are in good spirits, considering. I don’t know if we’ve accepted it, or if we’re still in a little denial. I’m looking at it as a cleansing of sorts. The only things I regret not taking are my CDs, my bike and my computer. Oh well, all are replacable. Me and the kitties are fine, that’s all that really matters to me.

I hope everyone is doing OK. Keep in touch, please.

Run away!! Run away!!

I woke up Saturday morning to the booming sound of my friend Christopher’s voice on my cell phone: “GET THE FUCK OUT!”

After watching the Weather Channel for a few minutes, learning that Katrina was a Category 5 Huricane and remembering that Broadmoor, the subdivision I live in, is the lowest area of New Orleans (or, as my friend Marshall puts it The Deep End of the Pool I decided to call around to see if I could tag along with anyone in an attempt to get the fuck out of dodge. Long story short: Marshall, Carlos, Plato, Lydia and I have evacuated to Montgomery, Alabama and are staying with Carlos’ parents in his sister’s gay ex-husband’s semi-abandoned for-sale house. Yes, it confuses me as well. Fabulous house though.

The kitties did excellent in the car; Nary a peep out of either of them for the entire FOURTEEN HOUR DRIVE. I’m so proud of them. We stopped along the way twice, once to pee on the side of the road after no peeing for eight hours, once to to get a burger at McDonalds after not eating for ten hours.

What’s grosser than gross? Being told that Marshall “had to pee a couple of other times as well, but luckily he had a couple of empty water bottles in the car with him.”

What’s grosser than that? Seeing him pour out said water bottles in the parking lot of McDonalds.

So anyway, I’m in a Mongomery public library using the net, resisting the urge to look up porn, but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. I have a feeling we arn’t going to be coming home for a few days, so I’ll have to make do.

A few friends of mine stayed home.. I hope they’re OK. All the cell phones are going crazy and it takes forever to get through to anyone, if you get through at all. So, anyway, if I haven’t been able to get through to you I wanted to let you know I’m ok and hope you guys are as well. Seeing stories like this really make me nervous.

Well, I lost Marshall and Carlos in the library, they were supposed to be in the computer lab, but they’re not, so I better go look for them before they leave me here. :)

Good luck!