Punk, Emo Phillips and Star Dot Core

Hungover. Went to Deuches(sp?) Hous for Oktoberfest last night. Not much to report: overpriced food, overpriced beer, and a drunk Marshall dancing with Gina:

Oddly enough, since I hate beer, Oktoberfest is not why I’m hung over. I’m hung over from going to Dixie Taverne afterwards with Alberto and listening to loud, fast, aggressive music while drinking lots of disgusting, grossly strong mixed drinks until 3am. In case you’ve never been to Dixie Taverne, it’s a bar on Canal that mostly has punk and *.core bands. (Grindcore, hardcore, metalcore, crustcore(?), horsecore, etc.) It’s all pretty much the same; think music ala Slayer and vocals by Cookie Monster with a throat infection. Everything is all “This a song about my Mother: AAAARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Thank you very much! This is a song about my dog Fifi: UUUURRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!” I had my D.R.I., S.O.D., Dead Horse and Slayer phase too, but it doesn’t seem like the art form has evolved much. Apparently much of it is now called emo. I don’t quite understand what the big difference between emo and the others is (it’s emotional ooooooooooohh) but I loathe Emo Phillips so I’m hoping there is no connection.

After Skrotesque left the stage, we had the Fairies. What a gyp. I was expecting like, Fagcore or something. Nope. They were ok, a little more frantic than Skrotesque, but I still couldn’t understand a thing the singer was saying; “This is our new song, “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Here’s when I get all gay and mention that there were two Cute Boys(tm) on the stage (not in the band) during The Fairies’ set. One was wearing glasses and moving a trombone case around and the other was in all black and setting up his drums. Mmmmm, cute drummer boys. Luckily, they were in the next band, Gorch Fock. Two drums, two basses, two guitars and a cute singer that plays trombone who stripped to his boxers on stage so he could change into a little white sailor suit. How could they go wrong? I’ve never wanted to be a groupie so much in my life. Cool band. If anyone has a website other than the one I linked to let me know. (Many thanks!)

Some mp3z:
Shirts Vs Skins | Charles Lynch | Slade Schrump